5 tips for buying jewellery for children

You might not automatically think ‘jewellery’ when you think of children as most are too busy running around, getting dirty and basically causing mayhem to care about pretty, delicate jewellery items. But if you think back to your own childhood, chances are you loved nothing more than playing with a jewellery box full of sparkling treasures! We certainly did!

Whether you’re buying a birthday gift, celebrating a milestone or simply want to get something nice, buying jewellery for children can be incredibly exciting, especially if it’s their first piece.  Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when you go jewellery shopping for children.

Jewellery-for-children-silver1. Choose your metal wisely

Did you know that children absorb nickel, lead and cadmium more than adults? Well, they do,  which means it can cause harm to both their internal organs and skin. It’s always better to avoid artificial jewellery and only to buy items that you know are made from precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum.



 Jewellery-for-children-stud-earrings2. Always put jewellery safety first

It goes without saying that when buying jewellery for children of any age, you need to give some thought to safety. If you’re buying earrings, buy them with screw backs to prevent accidental swallowing and with necklaces, you might not want to let children wear them unsupervised. Also, keep an eye out for signs of any rashes, redness or swelling on the skin.  It could be a sign they are allergic to the metal. Hypoallergenic options include sterling silver, gold, platinum and rhodium, but if you want some more advice, please give us a call or pop into the shop.

Jewellery-for-children 3. Make the jewellery practical, durable and simple

Just like when you buy a piece of jewellery for yourself, you need to give some thought to the lifestyle of the wearer. Children love running around and playing, so ideally, they need something that won’t get in the way. You might also want to consider more durable materials, such as leather or rubber so jewellery doesn’t get damaged so easily. And if the child is very young or a little bit on the irresponsible side, you might want to avoid buying expensive items!

Heart jewellery for children4. Buy a jewellery piece that has special meaning

Even as an adult, there is nothing more wonderful then getting a piece of jewellery which ties in with what you love in life. So have a think about what brings the child joy – hearts, dinosaurs, teddy bears. Whatever it is, there is bound to be a jewellery piece that is ideal. And if you want to make the piece extra special, think about getting it personalised. We offer an engraving service, and can also create bespoke pieces for that extra special touch.


shopping-for-jewellery-for-children5. Go jewellery shopping with them

There is nothing better than going jewellery shopping with the person that you’re buying the piece for and if it’s the child’s first piece of jewellery, it’s even more special! You’ll get the chance to find out a bit more about their jewellery likes and dislikes, be able to steer them away from less appropriate jewellery pieces and buy a piece you know they love. More importantly, you’ve just created some great memories with them!

Interested in buying jewellery for children?

Then why not pop into our store in Amersham Old Town for a browse. We stock a wide range of items that would be suitable for little ones and would be delighted to help you find that something special.