5 gemstones thought to imbue health benefits

We are undoubtedly going through some incredibly challenging times, and we hope that all our customers and suppliers are staying safe and well.

When we’ve been putting together our blogs on birthstone jewellery, one theme we came across again and again is how certain types of gemstones are meant to help with particular ailments and your overall sense of wellbeing. Of course, we all know you feel great after being given a piece of stunning jewellery, but could their stones be imbuing health benefits as well?

People in Ancient Egypt definitely thought so and even today some people believe you can receive health benefits from certain gemstones. While we don’t believe that the healing power of gemstones can help against coronavirus, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the more common gemstones and how they are thought to help your health 

  1. Garnet – revitalising your body

Although available in greens, oranges and yellows, it’s deep red garnets which are said to energise wearers.  Wearing a garnet is thought to revitalise your whole body, giving your whole system a boost, so you’re more able to deal with health issues. It’s also believed to promote well-being and boost confidence. You can wear a garnet anywhere, but close to the heart is best.


  1. Amethyst – relieving stress

If you’re feeling anxious about coronavirus, you might want to try wearing a piece of gorgeous amethyst. Believed to bring strength, courage and peace, it’s considered to be a natural tranquiliser, relieving stress and strain and dispelling anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Its wonderful combination of healing and calming properties makes it the ideal stone to wear during difficult times.


  1. Pearls – creating positivity

Pearls have long be used in traditional Asian medicinal systems to treat health problems such as fertility issues, heart problems and digestive conditions. Some people also believe they can be used to treat skin disorders such as rosacea. Believed to balance the entire body, they create a sense of positivity and happiness. A great reason to wear a string of pearls around the house!


  1. Aquamarine – calming the mind

The birthstone of March, aquamarine is thought to imbue a positive force that can bring happiness to its wearer.  Believed to help with eye, digestive and teeth problems, it has a close affinity with sensitive people and reduces stress and quiets the mind. It’s why some people also use it as a meditative stone.


  1. Amber – absorbing negativity

Amber is believed to be a powerful healer and purifier, helping with everything from treating headaches to managing stress. Promoting cleansing and purification, it’s thought to instil vitality and absorb pain and negativity. This in turn helps bring illnesses out of the body, enabling the wearer to heal naturally.


It’s definitely fascinating to learn about the supposed health benefits of gemstones, and while we might not quite believe it, it does give a great excuse to buy some jewellery.

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We hope everyone stays well and healthy.