7 Christmas present ideas for someone who already has everything

Jewellery makes an amazing Christmas present. Not only will it last forever, but it’s also a great way of letting your friends and family know how much they mean to you.

But there is always someone who is a bit trickier to buy for, and it’s normally because they already have everything! Countless pairs of earrings, a zillion watches, more rings than you can shake a stick at – what can you possibly buy them?

Well, don’t despair! Here are 7 Christmas present ideas that might just be the perfect solution.

1. Commission a bespoke piece of jewellery

If the person you are buying for already has a lot of jewellery or you’re just not sure what to get them, think about having a piece commissioned. Our on-site jewellery workshop undertakes work of all shapes and sizes and we’ll happily talk through your design ideas and make suggestions on what would work best.

The beauty of giving a piece of bespoke jewellery is not only will it be completely unique, but it also shows just how much you care. Find out more about how our bespoke jewellery service works.

2. Get creative and give them something a bit different

We’ve talked before about the things you need to think about if you want to choose the perfect jewellery gift, but for someone who already has everything how about going off-piste? Instead of buying them something you know they will definitely like, how about doing the opposite? So, if they always wear white metal, buy them something rose or gold coloured or if they prefer plain jewellery go for a piece with gemstones.

It can be a bit of a risky strategy, but if they already have everything, they might love the fact you’re encouraging them to experiment with their style. And if they really don’t like the piece, we would be more than happy to exchange it for something else.

3. Repair a special piece of jewellery

While it might not sound like the greatest of Christmas present ideas, imagine for a second how pleased your loved one will be to find a beloved piece of jewellery has finally been repaired. Or how about replacing a lost earring with a perfect copy or getting a precious ring resized. Our jewellery workshop offers all of these services and if you can’t visit our shop, take a look at our online repair service.

For somebody who already has anything this could be an extraordinary thoughtful Christmas present.

4. Think outside the box

Jewellery gifts don’t have to be an actual jewellery piece; they can also be about how you look after your jewellery and keep it safe.

How about a valet box which is ideal for holding things like watches, cufflinks, rings and other small items which are prone to getting lost?

Alternatively, what about a watch winder from Stackers? As well as keeping automatic watches perfectly wound it also transforms them into a stunning piece of art making it both a useful and stunning Christmas present idea.

5. Buy a unique piece of handmade jewellery

For a truly unique Christmas gift, you might want to consider an artisan jewellery piece, such as these handmade hearts lovingly crafted by Victor, our in-house goldsmith.

Made from silver, using traditional techniques, these beautiful handmade hearts are a stunning modern interpretation of the Viana Heart, one of the main symbols of Portuguese filigree.

A lovely Christmas present idea for someone who already has everything.

6. Choose a gemstone

An alternative to commissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery is just to buy a loose diamond or semi-precious stone. Then you can come in together to decide how to have it crafted into a bespoke piece of jewellery – a lovely way to involve both of you in the design process.

 If you’re not sure where to start take a look at our blog on choosing a loose diamond and for inspiration on gemstones read our blog on birthstones.

7. Give Christmas gift vouchers

A lot of people think giving gift vouchers is a bit of a cop out, but you could argue that if someone really does have everything then it’s the ideal gift. Not only can they get something they really want (and you may not have thought of), but it also allows them to get something when they are good and ready. How wonderful to treat yourself to a bit of bling in February when it’s cold and miserable outside.

Visit us in store for more Christmas present ideas

Hopefully, this has given you some Christmas present ideas for people who already have everything, but if you need more advice pop in and see us.

And to make it a bit easier for our customers who work during the week, from Thursday 25th November until Thursday 23rd December we will be opening late every Thursday until 7:30pm.